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Business Coaching For Courageous Companies

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You and your small team are likely to have been in biz for a few years, and you're looking at how to take your business to the next level. Perhaps you're wanting to get better organised and systematised so you can actually take a holiday or hire staff. Perhaps you need practical and tactical advice on business strategy and marketing. You could be feeling like you'd make more progress if you had an accountability system in place to move you towards your goals. Or maybe you just need to hold some space to talk through issues in your business and make plans - you need space to work ON your business and not just IN it.

All great businesses are built by small, committed, aligned, psychologically-safe teams all pushing forward in the same direction to reach common goals. The most common factor sabotaging success is poor communication between people - it's the biggest challenge for any business. Regular communication rhythms, clear targets and shared meaning are crucial to moving businesses forward in the right direction.

My philosophy is grounded in the belief that individuals are more competent than their inner critics would have them believe. I also believe that as business owners, it is easy to succumb to overwhelm and to get lost in the day-to-day. As a coach, my role is to help you design a business that works financially, professionally, personally, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (aka grounded in your values) for you and your team.

Every champion team has a coach to take them places they can't get to on their own. If you're looking to explore what you're truly capable of and to play bigger in your business, now is the time to make a start.


Courageous Company Package (up to three people)
(Discovery session + 6 two-hour sessions) $3,990 +gst

Building a sustainable, thriving, courageous company takes commitment.  Building accountability into your routine by meeting regularly with a coach helps you develop your skills quicker and with deeper impact. This package is especially great for teams swamped with overwhelm, feeling chaotic, stuck or unsure of how to move forward.

We delve into how to bring courage to your work, how to prioritise and head off potential problems, how to rise strong when we need to have tough conversations, how to feel more aligned, calm, on purpose and joyful in the everyday.  This package is powerful for establishing the regular habits and routines of highly successful businesses.

Progress Forward Package (up to three people)

(Discovery session + 3 two-hour sessions) $2,370 +gst

Beyond the initial discovery session, you and your team experience three more sessions to build momentum and accountability. Priorities are determined and followed up and progress tracked. Blockages are discussed and overhauled. Processes for overcoming issues are identified and implemented. Each session builds on the previous session, to progress the achievement of the team's leadership capability and action taking skills.

Supplementary materials may be sent to you to work on between sessions if appropriate.


Discovery Session (up to three people)
$1,250 +gst

To determine the most pressing needs of your business, a Discovery Session of up to three hours will extract the goals, aspirations, painpoints and pressing needs of your business. This session is designed to kickstart your momentum into initiating change by allowing team members to bring ideas, thoughts and concerns out in the open, where they can be tabled and prioritised.

Prior to the session, each team member will be required to complete prework to discover their beliefs and values, verify their unique strengths and start the process of self-awareness required to move forward within the business, and their role as leaders.

Who I coach

I have coached clients around the world in all stages of life and career. I most commonly coach businesses founded by women in their 30s - 60s who are juggling career transitions, starting or running a business, and parenthood/caring responsibilities. I also have a handful of very self-aware men, looking for an alternative, humanised approach to working and living with purpose.


If you are based in inner Melbourne, sessions may be delivered face to face at your office during business hours.

Alternatively, sessions can be conducted via live video meetings on the most reliable online meeting platform on the market, Zoom Meeting

If you require face to face sessions outside of inner Melbourne, please email kylie at ofkin dot com to discuss travel fees.

Sessions are delivered monthly unless negotiated otherwise.

What happens now?
After you have purchased your package, I will be in contact with you to send you the required prework for our Discovery Session, and to book session dates/times.


About Kylie Lewis

"The thing that gets me out of bed each morning is the idea of inspiring people to think more about things that matter to them, and building their courage to do something about it. My ultimate mission is to move people."

Kylie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons)(Psychology & Sociology), Masters in eBusiness and Communication and is a Certified Executive Coach (IECL) and Wellness Coach (Wellness Coaching Australia).  She is also an accredited Brené Brown Daring Way and Rising Strong facilitator, and a current student of the neuroscience of Conversational Intelligence.

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